Application for License

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PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY ...consider the selection of service are you requesting:

A Ministerial License

A Ministerial License is issued on the recommendation of the Apostolic Light Fellowship Council of Elders. A minister holding a Ministerial License may pastor and evangelize as God would lead him. Ministers holding a Ministerial License can also perform baptisms, weddings and funerals and are granted all of the privileges of membership within the Apostolic Light Fellowship organizational structure. PLEASE NOTE: This credential is not available for women (please see Special Ministry License below).

Full Ordination Credentials

Full Ordination is not available to new applicants unless the applicant is transferring from another recognized Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal Organization in good standing with letters of reference from the organizational headquarters of the previous licensing authority. Otherwise minimum time of service is required before applicant may apply for Full Ordination Credentials.

Ordination Credentials are issued on the recommendation of Apostolic Light Fellowship Council of Elders. A minister holding Full Ordination Credentials may pastor and evangelize as God would lead him, and perform baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other rites and ceremonies. A minister must be ordained by Apostolic Light Fellowship in order to hold the office of an Appointed Board Elder. Ordination also affords a minister all of the privileges of membership within the Apostolic Light Fellowship organizational structure.

Special Ministry License

Apostolic Light Fellowship realizes that there are many various callings within the body of Christ and that each serves a legitimate ministerial capacity within the church. Those seeking this type of ministerial recognition and whose calling may not include pulpit ministry could be candidates for the Special Ministry License. Included in this category would be those involved in prison ministry, police chaplaincy, music ministry, youth ministry, helps ministry, cell group facilitation, missions, humanitarian acts, or other church-related ministries. Also included in this category is the Special Ministry License for Women (known as the "Certificate of Dedication"). This type of ministerial licensing is especially designed for women who may be called to teach and preach God’s Word under the direction of an overseeing pastor or elder. PLEASE NOTE: Apostolic Light Fellowship does not recognize women into pastoral positions of oversight within the New Testament Church. A woman who applies with this fellowship for licensing must either have a husband who holds a minister's license or an Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal pastor who will provide her with full Apostolic covering at the local level.

License & Application Fees

Application Fee = $35.00

PLEASE NOTE: an application fee MUST BE RECEIVED in order for us to begin processing your application; so if you have questions prior to applying, please contact us with your inquiry by clicking >>>HERE. Or call us at (802) 527-3734.

Ministerial License = $200 Annually or $20 per monthly by automatic payment

Full Ordination Credentials = $250 Annually or $25 per month by automatic payment

Special Ministry License = $150 Annually or $15 per month by automatic payment

Our policy is to keep applications open for thirty (30) days. ALL FEES AND PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE: If you do not stay in contact with us concerning your open application, or if you cannot provide any requested documentation within a 30-day time period, your application will be closed and a new application fee will be required. A simple contact will extend your open application for another 30 days.

>>>Initially you only need to submit the application fee to begin the process.

We will only request submission of membership and/or licensing dues upon APPROVAL of your application.


Two Important Considerations

Duel Credentialing

Apostolic Light Fellowship does not duel-credential ministers that are currently licensed with another organizational body. If you are approved for licensing with Apostolic Light Fellowship you will be requested to relinquish any alternate minister's license that you currently hold prior to receiving your new credential package with Apostolic Light Fellowship, Inc.

Being Qualified for Licensing

If you are qualified for licensing... Go ahead... Step out by faith! God will meet you there in Jesus name!
  1. If you are uncertain whether you are qualified Scripturally, please read about QUALIFICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP.
  2. Next in order would be to CONTACT US and ask about certain specifics. We will provide as much insight as we can.
  3. God is the One that opens the door. When He does so, the Scriptures tell us that no man can shut that door; When He shuts that door no man can open it. The Lord knows your works, so if He has set an open door before you, He holds that door open... He can make a way where there seems to be no way (Revelation 3:7-8;Isaiah 43:19; Psalm 77:16-20 ).
  4. Do not pre-conceive your destiny based on circumstances. If the Lord wills for you be licensed with this organization then He will speak to us to confirm that. ALFI qualifies ministers by the Word of God and the leading the Holy Ghost.
  5. When you begin filling out the Application, be certain to place an answer next to every question that pertains to your circumstances; complete the application carefully and as accurately as possible.
  6. If a certain situation seems to disqualify you in your own mind or based upon certain thinking, leave it in the Hands of Our Awesome Jesus. The Lord will reveal to us and we will discern His decision.

1 Corinthians 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.


Download & Submit Your Application

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This form contains instructions for completing the application:

Instructions for completing the ALFI General Application


OPTION 1: Interactive PDF Document that you can type your information into and save for emailing:

ALFI General Application (Interactive PDF)


OPTION 2: Standard PDF Document that must be printed out and completed by hand, scanned for emailing, or sent in by mail:

ALFI General Application (Standard PDF)


Use the button below to Submit an Application Fee to begin processing your membership & Licensing. An application fee must be received before an application can be processed... You may also mail your application fee to us.


Application Fee: $35



>>>Initially you only need to submit the application fee to begin the process.

We will only request submission of membership and/or licensing dues upon APPROVAL of your application.